Greetings and How to use images from posts on your Nintendo 3DS Handheld

3DS Stereo is about taking the past and giving it to a new generation.  Posts that follow here will be showcasing vintage stereoscopic pictures along with a link to a MPO file specifically made for viewing on the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.  To view these files on your 3DS, you will need to do the following (instructions provided for windows users):

  1. Download the MPO files you want to see from this site (images hosted on MediaFire, if you know a better host feel free to suggest them!)
  2. Remove the SD Memory card from your 3DS system (instructions here under the link ‘Using SD Cards’)
  3. Place the SD card in a card reader attached to the computer you downloaded the files from (card readers like this can be purchased from most major retailers and online and are inexpensive if you do not already own one)
  4. From the start menu open My Computer and look for the SD card and double click to open.
  5. Once open there should be a couple of folders ‘DCIM’ and ‘Nintendo 3DS’.  Open the one named ‘DCIM’.
  6. Inside that folder, depending upon how many pictures you have taken with the 3DS Camera, will be a set of folders with names like ‘100NIN03’.  To keep from mixing these images with your own photos and those created by your games create a new directory.  The directory must be named with the following scheme:  three numbers, then three letters, then two numbers.  I created a directory named ‘101RAG11’.  (You will only have to do this step once.  Once you have the folder you can just skip to the next step)
  7. Now open the folder you created and drag the MPO files you downloaded into the folder.
  8. Once the files have completed transferring, remove the SD card from the reader and place it back into the 3DS (instructions here under the link ‘Using SD Cards’)
  9. Open the Nintendo 3DS Camera software on you 3DS as normal and go to ‘View Photos’
  10. The software will give a couple of messages about updating the file manager, this is normal.
  11. Now select and view these vintage images on your 3DS without needing special glasses!

About 3dsstereo

Collector and lover of stereograph cards.

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